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Singles Round Up – featuring Gnarwolves, Cayetana, WWPJP and more

Over the last couple of weeks there have been some excellent singles released. It’s easy to let these pass you by, but luckily Alt Dialogue is here to round up some of the most important releases.

Over The Fire, Under The Smoke by Ilenkus
Treat you hears to this excellent post metal opus from Irish boys Ilenkus. It’s heavy and the riffs churn, before becoming slowing down and turning into a post rock style meander before the track kicks back into life with a cacophony of guitars and drums. It comes a breakneck speed at times, sounding decidedly hardcore. If you’re a fan of heavy progressive music, it is ideal.

Sugar/Jar by Yawning Dog On an altogether more accessible note English rockers Yawning Dog released their double A side Sugar/Jar. It’s a spacey grunge affair; the guitars are heavily fuzzed up. There’s a real class to the grungy riff that forms the basis to Jar. There’s a delicious energy simmering just below the surface. Raw and rough around the edges, these boys have loads of talent, witness it early on.

Smoking Kills by Gnarwolves
If there’s a band deservedly making waves in the UK punk scene then it has to be Gnarwolves. Full of gritty and snarling punk energy, Smoking Kills is the first song released from the band’s forthcoming debut album. It raw punk at it’s very best.

Brothers and Sisters by Twin Atlantic
With the newest single from Twin Altantic’s forthcoming third album it’s pretty obvious the band are going for a different tact this time around. Brother and Sisters is ridiculously radio friendly. The angst and energy has evaporated replaced by a rockier Travis sound. It will be the tack that propels the band into the mainstream.

Safety In Numbers by We Were Promised Jetpacks
Keeping things Scottish, cult rockers We Were Promised Jetpacks released the first song from their new album coming later in the year. Unlike their compatriots this is a storming song, it sees the band progressing but also staying close to their roots. The final minute of the track is awash of intricate guitars and that distinctive and alluring vocal. Brilliant.

Subject Number by Bi:Lingual
The cross over between rock and hip hop is dangerous ground. The majority of time it doesn’t really work, many bands fail in getting the mix right. Bi:Lingual however hit the nail on head with their debut single Subject Number. The energy contained within the track is mind blowing, explosive from start to finish. Great stuff.

Dirty Laundry by Cayetana
Off the back of touring with Pup, Lemuria and The Menzingers, Cayetana give us a preview of their debut album with the track Dirty Laundry. It’s female punk with a heavy dose of pop energy and swagger. It’s infectious and you’ll have the chourus swirling around your head for ages.

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