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EP Review: Stranger Just The Same by Heel

London pop rockers Heel release their sophomore EP Stranger Just The Same on the 28th July. Due to the female vocalist and pop rock sound people will probably jump to make comparisons to Paramore, but the London quartet are eager to be appreciated on their own veritable array of merits than any umbrella gender/genre pool. “Yes, we have a young female singer, but she doesn’t sing like Hayley Williams or Avril Lavigne, and we don’t strictly play like a metal influenced backing band,” says Dan (guitars); “To be honest we sit around creaming ourselves over pop singers like Fergie and Kelly Clarkson: chicks who do a shit load of different things with their voice while still having their own identity. We’re just four unique musicians who come together and make music we all love and want to play.”

“We love bands like Paramore and Tonight Alive, and really respect the music they make and what they’ve achieved,” continues Maggie (vocals). “They are definitely keeping the female fronted bands going, but there have always been strong women in Rock. Think of all the awesome acts like Hole, Skunk Anansie, The Cranberries, Blondie, Roxette, The Pretenders, Fleetwood Mac… People just seem to love an arse kicking chick with a sick band behind her.”

Stranger Just The Same is a cracking EP, not only are the vocals infectious but the musicianship behind it is excellent. Lead track ‘Stranger’ gets the EP off to a raucous start, before ‘Gone’ turns up as the highlight of the EP. Delicious pop hooks and riffs combine to deliver an instantaneous and accomplished song. ‘We’ll Fall Back In Love’ is a slow burner and unfortunately doesn’t really go anywhere.

‘Not You’ is a return to the form of the first two tracks. There is a real rock ‘n’ roll swagger, the delightful vocal combines superbly with the fantastic guitar work. Overall Stranger Just The Same is a solid and accomplished sounding EP, it’ll act as a great introduction to the band. Expect to hear a lot more from this young band.

AD Rating 7/10


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