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EP Review: Allusondrugs by Allusondrugs

Allusondrugs release their debut self titled EP on the 21st July, the EP was recorded and produced in one week at Greenmount Studios in Armley, Leeds, tracked live to analogue tape as band members all set up and performed together in one room in an attempt to try and capture the band’s explosive live energy on record.

Initially recorded in January 2014, due to the band’s intense touring schedule and hat-trick single releases they have only just been able to pull together the necessary time required to release their debut extended play record.

The band may have a look akin to Nirvana and the similarities don’t end there. There’s a grungy fuzzed up sound and take ‘Cherry Pie’ as an example – the intro sounds as if could have been lifted straight off Bleach. Let’s stop with the Nirvana comparisons, it’s unfair. Forget about the aesthetic similarity and if you can forgive them for the horrible band name, because this EP is an excellent release.

‘I’m Your Man’ is a storming lead track, ‘Nervous’ starts out heavy and fuzzy before turning into a slow burner. There’s an excellent range of sounds, although they never stray far from the standard grunge noise it is a compelling listen. ‘Sunset Yellow’ is quite exquisite and ‘Thingio’ is a drone laden closer. The hook in ‘Thingio’ is superb.

Allusondrugs is an excellent introduction to the band, there’s bucket loads of potential there.

AD Rating 7/10

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