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Album Review: Youth by Citizen

The 14th of July finally sees the UK release Michigan band Citizen’s debut album Youth. Keen followers of bands that sound like Brand New mixed with Title Fight will undoubted picked up the album on import (if people still bought physical CDs) since it’s been available to our American cousins for over a year. If like Alt Dialogue you weren’t so quick of the mark, you’re in for a treat.

Album opener ‘Roam The Room’ couldn’t sound closer to Brand New, but rather than being a tribute there’s a tiny element of something fresh and invigorating just under the covers.

‘Figure You Out’ treads water closer to melodic punks Title Fight, and from this point it plainly obvious were the influences come from. Each track sounds like a homage to either Brand New or Title Fight, fortunately for Alt Dialogue this is a good thing. Here at Alt Dialogue headquarters both bands are revered and while we impatiently await new releases from both bands Citizen fill a void excellently.

‘The Summer’ and ‘The Night I Drove Alone’ are excellent songs blending the influences from both bands with aplomb. The stand out track of the album ‘Sleep’ purely because it’s a blatant rip off of Brand New’s ‘Jaws Theme Swimming’.

With ‘Speaking With A Ghost’ you wonder if that ghost is simply the band’s dream to become Brand New and rather simply become a tribute act they decided to rip off Title Fight too. Admittedly copying bands is neither big nor clever, but it works. ‘How Does It Feel’ and ‘Your Head Got Misplaced’ are great tunes that will get your feet tapping and your body moving.

If you’re willing to ignore the unashamed influences (read rip-offs) of Brand New and Title Fight, and that will be an almighty struggle, then Youth can be considered an excellent punk rock album. While it may be a thoroughly enjoyable album it’s just so unoriginal. You’ll often find bands wearing their influences on their sleeves and most of the time something new is added into the mix or they die off after a couple of EPs. Unfortunately those early moments of promise in Youth fade out after the first track.

AD rating  5.5/10 (if Citizen had invented this sound it would have been a 8/10)

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