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Album Review: Freeze The Atlantic by Freeze The Atlantic

Freeze The Atlantic release their second album on the 16th of June. Coming off the back off prestigious tours with Fighting With Wire, Sucioperro and Attack Attack, this self titled sophomore album is a real force to be reckoned with.

If you’re unfamiliar with Freeze The Atlantic, start by reading our interview with the band about the album here. They’re a band with real rock pedigree, featuring former members of Hundred Reasons, Rueben, placing a degree of expectation on their shoulders. That expectation was delivered upon with their superb debut album Speakeasy which gave us big riffs and glorious hooks. With the release of Freeze The Atlantic that expectation has only been raised.

Since Speakeasy, Liv Puente has joined on vocals and Sean Shreeve has come in on guitars. With a change in vocalist you often expect a shift in style with the band. Not so true with Freeze The Atlantic. While they still sound unmistakably like Freeze The Atlantic the sound has been taken up a notch. It sounds massive; the guitars are heavier, the drums pound through your head, the vocals have a unique quality and generally the band sound more complete. What sets Freeze The Atlantic out from the pack are the hooks and the quality of song writing on display. Every track is strong, containing a glorious hook which suckers you in and ingrains itself. After two listens you’ll find yourself sing along to every track.


Album opener ‘Welcome Back To Nibelheim’ is colossal. The riffs are thunderous and vocal has a snarl. Instantly you’ll notice how much heavier and fuller the band sound. With that the band sound a whole lot better too, throughout Freeze The Atlantic you’ll get a sense it’s a band playing with a freedom to do something different.

‘The Last Great Train Robbery’ and ‘Hectares’ are superb tracks. The opening of ‘The Last Great Train Robbery is infectious and there’s a delectable breakdown in the riff at the two minute mark, whilst the latter has some hooks that would be the envy of any rock band. Lead single ‘Stompbox’ is stunning. You’ll find it near impossible not to chant along, check out the video below. ‘Like Gravity’ is reminiscent of a Fighting With Wire at their very best, it’s instantaneous and you will find yourself nodding along before you know it.

On songs like ‘There Is A Spark’ and ‘Everything All The Time’ you get to see a gentler side to Freeze The Atlantic and with these moments you get to experience the range and diversity of Liv Puente’s vocal – superb. That said, it is with the more traditional post hardcore style tracks that Freeze The Atlantic really shine. ‘Idiot Check’ and ‘Occams Razor’ are brilliant songs, the churning riff and impassioned vocal on the latter are a real treat. The stand out track on the album is ‘You Drove Me To Taxidermy’. While it may not be as heavy, it’s just so contagious. You’ll find the song swirling around your head for days after.

Freeze The Atlantic is a superb second album. There’s the old myth of the difficult second album, with this album Freeze The Atlantic have managed to make it sound like the most easy, natural and compelling thing. Outstanding from start to finish.

AD Rating: 9.5/10


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