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Album Review: Droids by Alpha Male Tea Party

Scouse progressive math rock band Alpha Male Tea Party have released their second album Droids. It’s a fascinating mix of experimental distortion, progressive riffs and shifting time signatures but above that it is laden with hooks and an upbeat and life affirming sound.

You’ll find Droids a compelling album full of a different flavour with each listen. Album opener ‘Happy as Larry, Larry Is Dead’ is the only track featuring vocals. This time the vocals aid the hook making the track the ideal instantaneous opener. From this point in you’ll be suckered in. Within a minute of ‘You Eat Houmous, Of Course You Listen To Genesis’ you’ll realise there’s no need for vocals. Alpha Male Tea Party let the guitars do the talking. The riffs are superb; you can feel the emotion and passion that goes into each one.

‘Theme From Mastermind’ is a fine example of math rock at its finest. Gentle and frail and heavy and chaotic in equal parts, it contains enough hooks to put the catchiest pop song to shame. A superb track, the final 22 seconds of the track contains some top class guitar work. ‘Judas The Tenderiser’ sounds akin to Adebisi Shank at their most furious. The heavily distorted guitars make for an electronic sound and unsurprisingly the track contains a brilliant hook, making for yet another instantaneous track.

‘Athlete’s Face’ has some furiously heavy moments combined with some wonderfully intricate riffs. At the quieter intricate times you could liken them to And So I Watch You From Afar, a much deserved compliment. Couple those intricate riffs with the unbridled heavy riffs, however, and you’ll realise that there is something truly special about Alpha Male Tea Party that sets them out from and above their contemporaries.

‘You Are My Rock’ is the stand out track of Droids. The hooks are fantastic. The blend of unrestricted heavy riffs sounds like a band playing with a freedom and lust for life, while the intricate guitar parts and driven drumming provide an element of law and order to the track. It is an inspiring and life affirming track.

With the final four tracks of Droids we get treated to some ridiculously long track names laced with humour. ‘Your Happiness Was Stored On A Hard Drive And Is Now Corrupt’ is a wonderfully delicate post rock opus. The guitar work is of the highest calibre, awash with emotion the riffs soar and glide. ‘Reach For The Stars Kid But Don’t Blame Me If It Makes You Miserable’ goes for all out math rock while ‘God Is Love But Satan Does That Thing You Like With His Tongue’ goes for the expansive mix of delicate and beautiful post rock with uninhibited heavy riffs. The latter makes you sit up and take notice (if you aren’t already blown away). Executed with aplomb, the track is bathed in emotion; you get the sense that the music says way more than words ever could.

AD are big fans of album closers. Pick a closing track wisely and you’ll leave the listener begging for more. With ‘I Haven’t Has A Lunch Break Since Windows Vista Came Out’, Alpha Male Tea Party have pulled it right out of the top drawer. The track is already a winner for the title; musically you have the feel and style of the album condensed into 5 minutes. A magnificent end.

Stream Droids in its entirety below. Superb from start to finish, fun and compelling Droids will take you on a different musical and emotional journey with each listen.

AD rating: 9/10.

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