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Album Review: All The Ways You Let Me Down by Candy Hearts

Alt punk pop rock band Candy Hearts release their new album All The Ways You Let Me Down on the 10th June through Bridge 9 / Violent Happy Records. Prepare yourself for the most upbeat album of 2014. You’ll be suckered in by the ridiculously catchy harmonies, the golden vocal and boisterous punk dashed energy.

Candy Hearts’ previous release, 2012s The Best Ways To Disappear gained praise from publications like Alternative Press, Big Cheese, Absolutepunk and MTV Buzzworthy and All The Ways You Let Me Down can only go to propel Candy Hearts into the stratosphere of pop punk.

It’s best to get this out of the way now, this album is the catchiest most infectious record AD has had the pleasure of hearing this year. The vocal of Mariel Loveland is fantastic, it has pop qualities that would put any popular artist to shame. The pop punk style guitars are instantaneous, light and provide some fantastic hooks, the drumming also has to be admired – driving and performed with aplomb. With that you have the makings of a fantastic band, each song is produced and executed perfectly, forming brilliant bursts of pop punk energy.



Lead single and album opener, ‘I Miss You’ is a fantastic ode to a lover, the harmonies are superb and the guitar part is text book pop punk. ‘The One To Get Me Out’ is a brilliant slice of pop rock, while title track ‘All The Ways you Let Me Down’ sounds like how you’d imagine an Avril Lavigne track to sound if she’d ever had any musical credibility. ‘Michigan’ carries on the trend for terrific pop punk melodies.

The pop sensibilities of Candy Hearts has to be admired, these are outstandingly crafted pop songs. At times you could almost imagine this is how the archetypical pop group would sound if they were given a punk energy. On several occasions the band treads the fine line between pop punk and all out pop music. ‘Coffee With My Friends’ is a perfect example, the guitar solo just about wrestles the track back to pop punk territory, great track with a fantastic key change.

‘Somethings Missing’ is the stand out track of the album. The guitar gives you a gentle and upbeat introduction, but it’s the dual female / male harmony which makes the track excel. The carefree lyrics and sunny pop riffs make ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ the ideal summer road trip song. ‘Playing With Fire’ has some brilliant introspective lyrics accompanied with some joyful punk tinged indie guitars, before ‘Top Of Our Lungs’ closes the album in style.

All The Ways You Let Me Down is a outstanding album, equal parts quirky indie pop punk and wonderful harmonies you’ll find it impossible not to smile and sing along. This should be the soundtrack to your summer.

AD Rating 9/10

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