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EP Review: Swim Good by Swim Good

Swim Good have released their debut, self titled, EP and it is a storming alt rock mission statement. Imagine a cross between Don Broco, Say Anything and Arcane Roots and you’ll be on the right track.

The London based four piece serve up a brilliant upbeat and fun EP, crammed with big riffs, catchy hooks and instantaneous songs that will resonate long after the EP has come to a close.

‘Better Things’ kicks off the EP in raucous style, there’s riffs aplenty and the hook is delightful, ‘Make Up Your Mind’ has all the hallmarks of a fantastic alt rock song – infectious and perfectly formed, it will be swimming around your head for hours afterwards.

Lead single ‘Hatchet’ is the standout track, the groove gets the song ticking over whilst the intricate guitar parts provide a welcome insight into the excellent musicianship which has gone into the EP. Granted, the vocal could do with a bit of work coming up somewhere between Arcane Roots and a forced Don Broco swagger. Vocals aside ‘Hatchet’ is a superb track.

The vocal performance is improved on ‘People Like You’. It contains some fantastic pop hooks, the guitar work again excels. ‘Listen Well’ is a storming alt rock anthem and ‘Yeah, Yeah, Great, Yeah’ signs off on a high note.

Swim Good have plenty of potential. You’ll soon see them rising up towards rock stardom.

AD Rating 6.5/10

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