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Album Review: People Of Nothing by People Of Nothing

People Of Nothing released their self titled album at the start of the week, the work of French guitarist Florian Chombart, the album is a ten track dark wave opus. Haunting and invigorating in equal parts People Of Nothing is joy from start to finish.

It’s always handy to have a genre as a point of reference, with People Of Nothing it’s a difficult task. If I were to draw a Venn diagram the circles for post punk and 80s style new wave would have equal parts, while jostling for position with sinister dark wave, experimental rock and electronica. Without doubt it is a complex mix, but one which works extremely well.

The haunting introduction of ‘Hold’ is superb, the electro beat is poignant with Chombart’s vocal coming over with a hint of Ian Curtis. The refined guitar bursts in just after a minute and a half is excellent, bringing an excellent surge of energy. The post-punk bluster of ‘Haircut The Grass’ is executed with aplomb. It wavers between moments of raw energy and evocative interludes. Fantastic stuff.

People Of Nothing then goes from strength to strength, but what is most notable is the fact that it’s the work of one man. Entirely written, composed and arranged by Florian Chomart. Undeniably a work of genius, you’ll be blown away by the vastness of each track, you’ll notice little new features with each listen.

‘My Stain’ has a lovely bass groove. Laid back with some delectable soaring guitars it has the makings of an end of party anthem. ‘A Break To Cry’ has another fantastic electro introduction before the sinister post-wave guitar takes over creating a wonderful atmosphere. ‘Unforgettable’ is exactly that, there’s a garage rock style element there, coming out akin to something The Strokes always aspired to write but never quite reached that point. It’s probably the most accessible track on People Of Nothing, the guitar riff that kicks off at 2minutes 20seconds is simply fantastic – raw and full of impassioned energy.

‘Love Action’ is a lovely piano led track, gentle and sombre your heart string will be firmly tugged. ‘Hour Days’ may be the final proper song on the album (with the final two tracks being remixes) and as a closer it would do a fine job. A perfect example of People As Nothing’s ability to blend haunting energy and a chilling yet invigorating punk energy.

People Of Nothing is a superb album, blending a realm of genres resulting in a work of genius.

AD Rating: 9/ 10

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