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Album Review: Forgettable by Sorority Noise

American alt rock four piece Sorority Noise release their debut full length album Forgettable earlier in the month. Hailing from Connecticut the band mix elements of pop punk, emo, indie and straight out alternative rock; producing an album which is anything but forgettable. Each track is instantaneous, engraining itself in your brain.

It’s a short and snappy album, the nine tracks clock in at just over 20 minutes. As you would expect with an album this short each track is a short burst of energy. What Forgettable lacks in length it makes up in hooks.

Opener ‘Rory Shield’ has a lovely bass line to introduce proceedings; the following three minutes are a procession of hooks and intricate guitar parts leading to joyful riffs a chaotic finish. It’s an upbeat and smile inducing start. ‘Mediocre At Best’ is awash with pop hooks with some lovely riffs; imagine Weezer covering ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. ‘Dirty Ickes’ races of with some driving pop punk riffs; developing into a bitter look back at a past relationship.

‘Queen Anne’s Lace’ and ‘Still Shrill’ both come in at just over 1 and a half minutes with the former being a brilliant alt rock track with some delectable riffs, whilst the latter goes a little pop punk with a fantastic chorus. ‘Blonde Hair, Black Lungs’ gets you singing a long from the outset, you can imagine it would be the highlight of a live set. ‘Smooth Jazz’ is delicate and sombre, taking things down to an acoustic slow tempo. It’s a beautiful track. ‘Smoke’ is the ideal album closer – slow and evocative, it builds towards a climatic finish and pouring of emotion – superb.

Catchy and succinct, Forgettable is a truly enjoyable album which never fails to make you smile no matter how many listens it gets. Stream the album below and pick it up for free on Bandcamp.

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