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EP Review: This Human Error by Foreign Skies

Glaswegian band Foreign Skies released their debut EP, This Human Error, earlier in the year. It’s a glorious mix of post and alt rock. As with many of their compatriots the Scottish vocal shines through and we won’t be embarrassed to say we love it!

‘Swells’ gets the EP off to a relaxed start, it’s a down tempo post rock number with a perfect title as the guitars swell and build up to an explosion of emotive guitar riffs at the one minute mark. ‘These Hills’ gives us our first exposure to those afore mentioned vocals. The hook is fantastic complemented perfectly by a big punch the air style riff. In other places the guitars are again complex and create a brilliant atmosphere. The drums pound and drive the track with aplomb

‘Piste’ sounds reminiscent of Maybeshewill with vocals. The haunting guitar riff develops into something intricate sounding more akin to early Biffy Clyro. ‘Piste’ is the best example of the marriage between the atmospheric post rock and the big hooks of alt rock. ‘Go Forth And Destroy’ is an ideal album closer, atmospheric and soaring brings the EP to a wonderful finish.

Foreign Skies have produced a fantastic debut EP in This Human Error. They’ve taken control by self releasing, do yourself a favour and listen below.

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