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Album Review: Feel It Faster by Verses

English alt rock band Verses release their stunning debut album Feel It Faster on the 26th May. It’s crammed with big hook laden anthems. There’s been quite a lot of buzz around Verses in the months leading up to Feel It Faster’s release, Kerrang! Rock Sound and Radio 1 have all got on board and rightly so.

The songs that make up Feel It Faster are radio friendly rock songs, title track ‘Feel It Faster’ is a prime example. It gets the album of to a storming start, the chorus is instantaneous and riffs are executed are just the right side of heavy that your mother won’t be offended. ‘At The Roadside’ is an early highlight, the chorus is fantastic and the hook suckers you in as it resonates through your head for hours. ‘Live In The Sky’ is a big emotional number, sounding like a re-imagined version of Funeral For A Friend. You get the sense that it would be a killer live track.


It would be quite easy to dismiss Feel It Faster as your average mainstream friendly alt rock album. There will probably be a few people who instantly ignore Verses due to the hype, but as the saying goes there’s no smoke without fire. Each track is perfectly crafted, the guitars bridge the gap between post hardcore and mainstream rock, the drums pound away and the vocals are executed with assurance. You just need to give ‘Making Statues’ one listen to recognise there’s something special about Verses. The chorus is superb.

While you have the hit singles contained within the first half of the album, the second half contains some excellent rock songs that will undoubtedly become the soundtrack to many a teenagers summer. The first half packs a serious instantaneous punch, in contrast you get the sense that the second half is a little more refined and perhaps a little more cultured. ‘Always Disconnect’ tones down the big choruses an takes a more subtle approach ingraining itself in your head just as easily. ‘Colour Me In’ takes the tempo down another notch and is wrought with passion. ‘Cut It Down’ bring the pace down to a gentle stroll, an excellent example of how Verses can do laid back acoustic to the same high standard.

‘These Shores’ and ‘From The Rooftop’ bring things back up to speed and unsurprisingly are executed perfectly. The latter is the best track on the album, the hook is infectious and you’ll find yourself singing that chorus for hours after. ‘If We Stay’ is your classic reflective album closer, great track.

Feel It Faster is a superb debut. Easy to listen to and inoffensive you’ll be hearing a lot more of Verses over the summer.


AD Rating: 7.5/10

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