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Interview: United Fruit on their new album, Glasgow music scene and more

Alt Dialogue got a chance to catch up with Marco from United Fruit to have a chin-wag about their forthcoming second album, influences, the music scene in Glasgow and Scottish Independence. Listen to ‘How Long…,’ from the album below.

For any of our readers who haven’t had an introduction to United Fruit before, tell us a little about the formation of the band, and how would you best describe your sound?

We are a Glaswegian alt rock band who specialise in intense, abrasive noise rock with catchy, melodic qualities.  We met a few years back at a house party and bonded over our similar taste in music so decided to start jamming. Our old drummer left and a close friend of ours Dean Inglis formally of the band, Citizens, joined our ranks as a full time member.  We are still in touch with all former members though.


The new album is due to be released later in the year, what can you tell us about it? What kind of sound can fans expect?

The album is likely to be released around October time.  Its direction is reminiscent of Fault Lines but a lot more straight forward and melodic.  There are still some crunchy riffs peppered about but we wanted to focus more on the wall of noise elements and euphoric qualities that we find more interesting and satisfying these days.  The production has been done by another close friend, Bruce Rintoul of 45 a side studios, we’re super happy with it.


It’s three years since Fault Lines was released, did the album take a while to record or has there been other delays?

To be honest, money has been the main issue with getting the album finished.  We wanted to do the record justice which required spending a little more money than usual and we had to work to pay off debts from previous tours etc which meant we couldn’t jam as regularly as we wanted for a period, hence the delay.


Fault Lines seemed to have some 90s influences, Sonic Youth and …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Day spring to mind, what bands were you listening to during the recording of the second album? Did this shine through to the music?

We still listen to those bands super regularly but I guess when we were writing the latest one a lot of Les Savy Fav, Deerhoof, Deafheaven, Now Now, Japandroids and Metz were being played.  The songs haven’t really been hugely inspired by anything we have been listening to as we feel it retracts from our natural sound.


With the release of the new album, what are plans? Tour, videos etc?

We will be touring a lot this year.  Once the release is planned etc we are hoping to tour UK and Europe extensively.  We really want to visit countries we haven’t been before and Eastern Europe is quite exciting.  We have almost finished the first video for this record and are planning a couple more.  We are working with some really great people on them!  We can’t wait to show you guys.


Glasgow seems to have a blossoming music scene right now, what new bands would you recommend to Alt Dialogue readers?

Yeah Glasgow is always good for that.  We’d say check out Cutty’s Gym, Great Cop, Lost Limbs, Shambles In A Husk, Young Philadelphia, Rungs and many many more that I can’t think of right now because I’m hungover…


What do you see as United Fruit’s biggest achievement to date?

 Probably releasing our last record and recording our most recent one.  We really can’t wait to get it out there for everyone to listen to!


Finally, Scottish independence – where do you stand?

Hmmmmm, we are still undecided sadly.  It is a tricky one!


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