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Album Review: Eagulls by Eagulls

The incendiary Leeds band Eagulls released their self titled debut album in March, for some unknown reason we at Alt Dialogue headquarters let this event pass us by. Fortunately Bank Holidays were designed for such discoveries and AD is here to bring you into the fold and introduce you to Eagulls.

Awash in post punk Eagulls is an enthralling debut album. There’s a dangerous energy to the album, almost chaotic it sounds like it could fall apart at any stage. When we say post punk, Eagulls sound post punk in the eighty’s sense. Some of the guitar work is reminiscent of The Cure or Joy Division whereas the vocals are brash and uncompromising leading you towards Killing Joke and early Misfits.

Eagulls are no strangers to courting press coverage. An open letter penned by the band to bands playing at the legendary SXSW music event caused mixed reactions throughout the music industry. Their now notorious decomposing brain themed video for ‘Nerve Endings’ (watch it below) not only earned them an NME award, but also a home raid by the police.

With that controversy aside Eagulls is a great album. There’s energy in abundance, it’s menacing and utterly captivating. The aforementioned ‘Nerve Endings’ is raucous and sinister. The guitar riff sounds full and dangerous. There’s some glorious hooks scattered throughout the album meaning you are transfixed from beginning to end. ‘Hollow Visions’ is haunting, mostly due to fantastic vocal work from George Mitchell, but there’s also a wonderful crunching guitar riff there too, not to mention the glorious bass line. ‘Tough Luck’ is atmospheric and raucous reminding you of Glenn Danzig at his best, the groove is outstanding.

‘Possessed’ goes all Pixies with the guitar work, the hook is brilliant and you’ll find yourself shouting along with wreck less abandon. Once again the track contains a superb base line. Both ‘Footsteps’ and ‘Faster / Blister’ swirl with bluster and an unquantifiable amount of energy. ‘Opaque’ is the album highlight. Sounding huge it takes all the finest points of Shoegaze and turns it into a captivating track that suckers you in from the off. ‘Soulless Youth’ is a fine album closer, epic and dynamic it soars and thunders its way through five minutes of glorious post punk.

Eagulls is a superb debut album. The sound it notably different from many of the bands contemporaries and as such makes the band stand by some distance. Expect to hear a lot more from this band.

AD rating 8/10


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