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Album Review: Death Cap At Anglezarke by Then Thickens

Then Thickens release their debut album Death Cap At Anglezarke on the 5th May. It’s a grand, soaring album with something to please everybody. There’s elements of grunge, lo-fi indie and perhaps a nod to Interpol or The National. The over-riding element, however, is some fantastic thunderous alt rock style guitars.

Then Thickens began life as a home studio project for front man Jon-Lee Martin (former of Kong). After gentle persuasion from some close friends some lo-fi demos were circulated around the internet, which formed the prototype for the current incarnation of Then Thickens. Adding former Rolo Tomassi member Joseph Thorpe the band became a six piece. There’s been hype about the band from various DJs at BBC 6 music to Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro admiring the band’s “dirgey pop music”. From Death Cap At Anglecarke it seems that praise is well founded.

Album opener ‘Heaven Won’t Wait’ is a slow burner, it doesn’t give us much indication of where Death Cap… is headed but we have second track ‘Restart Your Heart’ for that. It’s a storming indie rock track, the guitar pound along with piano interspersed in the background it sounds superb. ‘Any Other Thing’ has a lovely electro introduction; coupled with Jon-Lee Martin’s vocal it almost sounds reminiscent of White Lies. Again the guitars drive the track, giving a laid back track a little more oomph.

‘Death Cap’ has a great body moving groove, the backing vocals from Helen Thorpe give the track (and the album) an added dimension making the melodies that bit more pleasing to the ear. ‘Ritalin Love’ is the strongest track on the album, the vocals are impassioned while the guitar once again provides a kick back against the sombre tone. Musically ‘Mathew’ in comparison sounds light and airy, lyrically its dark and brooding. The jingle jangle nature of ‘Mathew’ works brilliantly. ‘Tiny Legs’ sounds like an indie anthem in the making and ‘Run Off’ is a superb delicate lullaby. Album closer ‘Wasp In Your Mouth’ is the ideal final track, soaring and dynamic it leaves you with a positive impression of Then Thickens.

Death Cap At Anglezarke is a strong and commanding debut, it’s diverse yet focused. The melodies are superb, something that will undoubtedly appeal to a wide audience. Expect to hear a lot more of Then Thickens, they’re going to be huge.

AD rating 6.5/10


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