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Album Review: Die Knowing by Comeback Kid

Canadian hardcore punks Comeback Kid released their sixth album Die Knowing at the beginning of March. It’s a storming hurricane of brutal hardcore riffs and bludgeoning vocals.

Taking their name from a newspaper headline about hockey player Mario Lumieux returning the NHL, this album can be considered their own comeback after four years since their last studio release. It’s safe to say they have lost none of the magic that made them such a formidable act within the hardcore punk scene. More so after 14 years of being a band Comeback Kid still sound fresh and current.

AD will make no bones about it; Die Knowing is a vicious aural assault from start to finish. The vocals scream and wail penetrating the deepest part of your hearing while the guitar work is structured and well produced they have a visceral quality that sounds menacing and full of aggression.

It comes with the hardcore territory, but Die Knowing packs a real punch. Each song is short and snappy with just a quarter of the songs clocking in at over 3 minutes. ‘Should Know Better’ veers towards a pop structure with the guitars, albeit briefly, sounding almost pleasant. ‘Somewhere In This Miserable’ stands out with its chanted vocals and repetitive churning guitars. The guitar riff which finishes the track is superb. ‘Wasted Arrows’ and title track ‘Die Knowing’ are brutal behemoths.

With most hardcore punk albums it is a common pitfall to hear an album mould into one long stream of guttural screams and heavy guitars. Comeback Kid manage to avoid this by the skin of their teeth. At times you’ll miss a song change and for songs like ‘I Depend, I Control’ you could easily miss the song altogether. That said Die Knowing is by no means a bad album. There are some really good tracks here. ‘Beyond’ stands out for its more conventional pop punk styles.

‘Unconditional’ is surprising enjoyable over all the aggression, the guitar work defies the antagonistic vocals creating some sonically brilliant music.

Die Knowing isn’t going to set the world alight, nor is it genre defining. It’s one of the better hardcore punk albums in recent years and up there with some of the best work done by Comeback Kid.

AD rating 6/10

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