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Album Review: Cope by Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra released their fourth album, Cope, at the beginning of April. With already having 3 albums under their belts, the precedent would lead you to be expecting something grand and different. With those expectations you won’t be disappointed. Cope is an exceptional album which offers something completely different to its predecessor Simple Math.

Where Simple Math had more moments of introvert reflection, orchestral and quiet moments, Cope is more balls out straight rock. Things kick off with the rousing and frantic ‘Top Notch’, ‘Choose You’ is crammed with hooks and a wonderful chorus that just begs to be sung a long to.

With this heavier approach Andy Hull’s distinctive high pitched vocal comes into the fore, complementing the accompanying music perfectly. Cope is an album of many highlights, while being a relatively short album – you should easily get through it on you morning commute to work – you will find each track packing a mighty punch.

Take ‘Girl Harbour’ the riffs are crunching and have an aggression which make the track sound dynamically huge, then you get the anguished vocal of Hull giving the song a full on fist pumping swagger. Things are taken down a notch for ‘The Mansion’, the bass drives the track in between cutting sporadic riffs. This leads the album nicely into ‘The Ocean’, again Hull’s vocals add a dynamic which is unique to Manchester Orchestra. It is a full on rock anthem, the guitars that lead into chorus are wonderful before you find yourself singing “I give to the ocean” (repeat as the track sticks in your head for the rest of day). ‘Every Stone’ has a delicious churning guitar riff, ‘All I Really Wanted’ sees a heartfelt and emotionally wrought track being perfectly conveyed through the vocals and charged guitars and pounding drums.

‘Trees’ is simply perfect. The intro sounds menacing, the vocal is brooding, the drums drive the crunching riffs. Then comes that chorus, my word it is phenomenal. Hearing Andy Hull singing “I want to believe” at that moment you do believe that Manchester Orchestra have just written the album of the year. ‘Indentions’ is another fantastic track, albeit more laidback, it’s just as powerful and stunning.

‘See It Again’ creates a wonderful atmosphere (unsurprising the guitar work is stunning), before title track ‘Cope’ brings the album to a close. Another highlight ‘Cope’ has some crushingly heavy riffs mixed expertly with quiet reflective moments. Lyrically it may not be the most joyful ending to an album but the power and emotion behind the track makes it a fitting close to one of the best albums AD has had the pleasure of reviewing.

Cope is a magnificent beast of album, what it lacks in length it makes up for in punch. It runs perfectly, each track works alongside its neighbour. You’d be a fool not to pick this one up, a real Album Of The Year contender.

AD rating 10/10

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