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Archive Album Review: Camera Shutter Life by A Plastic Rose

Northern Ireland's A Plastic Rose have released their, long awaited, debut album Camera.Shutter.Life. Simply put it's worth the wait.

At times you'll find them having all the angsty post-grunge of Bush and the killer hooks and choruses of Biffy Clyro. It's not all one dimensional though, there's elements of Snow Patrol when they go into ballad mode. Don't let that worry you though – it's done with a vigour which Snow Patrol aren't accustomed to, and it works brilliantly.

Album opener, Build From The Ground Up, gets the album off to a cracking start. There’s a string led intro which continues throughout, complementing the angry guitars and impassioned vocals. It is crammed with killer guitar hooks and the chorus is gloriously anthemic. The angry and defiant sound is where A Plastic Rose really capture your attention, with Foreign Soil and Boy Racer being both great examples of this. Foreign Soil has some great drumming with a simmering energy throughout it unleashes hell towards the end in a fantastic cacophony of distortion. Boy Racer broods with an energy reminiscent of late 90s alt rock, it throws in a couple of superb guitar riffs dueling against the fervent vocals.

Third track  And the Sea showcases the band blending their quieter moments with the angst ridden passion, it’s a hybrid of Biffy Clyro and Snow Patrol. Over flowing with passion and fantastic guitar work, it highlights not just the diversity of the band but also their ability to write a great pop rock tune. It has hit single written all over.

They go into dangerous territory with Kids Don’t Behave Like This and album closer Sun’s A Shadow with full on ballads. With these track they certainly aren’t reinventing the wheel, but it’s easy listening that will be lapped up by the casual listener.

It is hard to find fault with Camera.Shutter.Life, although I do feel it could be improved with having more of the angry post-grunge style tracks. Expect big things from these boys, it sounds excellent and theirs more than one potential hit single lurking here.

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