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Archive Album Review: Bloom by Beach House

Bloom is the 4th album by Baltimore dream pop two piece Beach House. Imagine a subtle stripped back version of M83; multiply the pop hooks by 5 and you’ll be on the right track. This album sees Beach House build upon their previous records, whilst having their distinctive sound it feels more accomplished and polished.

Bloom is meant to be experienced as an album. A singular, unified vision of the world. “Many songs were omitted or dropped because they lacked a place within our vision for this album,” notes guitarist and keyboardist Alex Scally. As expected the album flows wonderfully – it is a gloriously beautiful and textured album. It has a revitalizing effect, in the modern age where singles seem to be a priority for many acts, it would do every song a disservice not to listen to them as an ordered and chronological set of songs. It is this simple fact which set Bloom out and above many of it contemporaries in the dream pop world – it isn’t disjointed and certainly not a random thrown together.

A real gem of an album, it’s refreshingly simple and uncomplicated. Ideal for summer nights. Each song has its own individual beauty, making it hard to pick one stand out track. Each riff and chord along with the vocals from Victoria Legrand gives a haunting and atmospheric feel. The album grows with every play; a new element to each song is discovered with every listen and with that you will find yourself getting lost with the album. Undeniably this is top drawer musicianship on display, it’s simplicity allow you to experience every element sucking you in and not letting go it is truly captivating. Track 8 – Wishes is slightly Cure-esque with a lovely riff at the half way mark, 4th track Other People couldn’t be more pop with its catchy chorus and airy riff. What marks this out as a fantastic album are that the two aforementioned songs are on a power with every other song on the album. Lyrically the album shows its dark side dealing with rejection and loss – second track Wild deals with teenage boredom and broken homes, yet you don’t feel a sombre attitude from the record. Spectacularly laid back the album with ingrain itself into your head – a sure and solid sign of a fantastic pop record. There is no weak points, it is perfectly crafted and an absolute pleasure.

Expect to hear a lot more of Beach House, this album could easily send them stellar. If you’ve never been a fan of the dream pop scene, pick this up and the join the bandwagon before it gets out of control. It’s a game changer; you cannot not like this album. This will be a genre defining album, the bar has well and truly been raised.

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